OpenSoundscape (OPSO) is free and open source Python utility library analyzing bioacoustic data.

OpenSoundscape includes utilities which can be strung together to create data analysis pipelines, including functions to:

  • load and manipulate audio files

  • create and manipulate spectrograms

  • train convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on spectrograms with PyTorch

  • run pre-trained CNNs to detect vocalizations

  • detect periodic vocalizations with RIBBIT

  • load and manipulate Raven annotations

  • estimate the location of sound sources from synchronized recordings

OpenSoundscape’s source code can be found on GitHub and its documentation can be found on

Table of Contents

The documentation is organized into the following sections:


  • Quick Start Guide

  • Links to resources

  • Orientation for PyTorch users


  • Installation instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. For cluster or cloud environments, follow the Linux operating system instructions

  • Instructions for using OpenSoundscape with different utilities, e.g. Jupyter, Google Colab, and Poetry (for contributors)


  • Step-by-step guides for how to use OpenSoundscape’s common functions.

  • These tutorials include code, examples, and downloadable data.

  • All tutorials are written as Jupyter Notebooks that can be downloaded and run on your own computer or run on Google Colab.

Classifiers 101:

  • An introduction to a philosophy for training and using classifiers, influenced by our lab’s work using bioacoustic classifiers for large-scale bioacoustic monitoring of animal sounds

Codebase Documentation:

  • Documentation for the entire API (“application programming interface”) of OpenSoundscape: its functions (and their arguments) and classes (and their methods).

Contact & Citation

OpenSoundcape is developed and maintained by the Kitzes Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. It is currently in active development.

If you find a bug, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository. If you have another question about OpenSoundscape, please use the OpenSoundscape Discussions board or email Sam Lapp (sam.lapp at

Suggested citation:

Lapp, Sam; Rhinehart, Tessa; Freeland-Haynes, Louis; Khilnani, Jatin; Syunkova, Alexandra; Kitzes, Justin. “OpenSoundscape: An Open-Source Bioacoustics Analysis Package for Python.” Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2023.