OpenSoundscape (OPSO) is free and open source Python utility library analyzing bioacoustic data.

OpenSoundscape includes utilities which can be strung together to create data analysis pipelines, including functions to:

  • load and manipulate audio files

  • create and manipulate spectrograms

  • train convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on spectrograms with PyTorch

  • run pre-trained CNNs to detect vocalizations

  • detect periodic vocalizations with RIBBIT

  • load and manipulate Raven annotations

  • estimate the location of sound sources from synchronized recordings

Table of Contents

The documentation is organized into the following sections:


  • Quick Start Guide

  • Links to resources

  • Orientation for PyTorch users


  • Installation instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. For cluster or cloud environments, follow the Linux operating system instructions

  • Instructions for using OpenSoundscape with different utilities, e.g. Jupyter, Google Colab, and Poetry (for contributors)


  • Step-by-step guides for how to use OpenSoundscape’s common functions.

  • These tutorials include code, examples, and downloadable data.

  • All tutorials are written as Jupyter Notebooks that can be downloaded and run on your own computer or run on Google Colab.

Classifiers 101:

  • An introduction to a philosophy for training and using classifiers, influenced by our lab’s work using bioacoustic classifiers for large-scale bioacoustic monitoring of animal sounds

Codebase Documentation:

  • Documentation for the entire API (“application programming interface”) of OpenSoundscape: its functions (and their arguments) and classes (and their methods).

Contact & Citation

OpenSoundcape is developed and maintained by the Kitzes Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. It is currently in active development.

If you find a bug, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository. If you have another question about OpenSoundscape, please use the OpenSoundscape Discussions board or email Sam Lapp (sam.lapp at

Suggested citation:

Lapp, Sam; Rhinehart, Tessa; Freeland-Haynes, Louis; Khilnani, Jatin; Syunkova, Alexandra; Kitzes, Justin. “OpenSoundscape: An Open-Source Bioacoustics Analysis Package for Python.” Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2023.